invitation card

Extra Finish

Our team is Extra Finish Specialist, who can envisage your constrained imagination into an extravagant flesh. We have various stocks including sheen surfaces as well as natural surfaces to apply any special finishes you are looking for. Why not browse through our options and make your day fabulous!


Specially stamped with hot pressing method, Foil finish is one of the easiest and outstanding finish you can enjoy. Its highlighting effect will make your cards eye catching.


Pressed with a colour into a naturally textured cards, Letterpress finish will bring both sophisticated and subtle features on your product.


A special pine extract placed on the cards, Raised Finish brings a dynamic and impressive result of the product. With its 3D effect, which you can touch through your hands, it is one of the best ways to express yourself.


One of the very classic finish of the Extra Finishes, Embossed Finish not only gives 3D finish on the cards, but debossed effect on the back will give you fun of fun.

Spot UV

Expressing its beautiful contrast of Matt and Gloss elements, Spot UV finish is very futuristic and interesting finish that does not have limits.

Laser Cut

Looking for an extra-ordinary product? Make your branding be crafted in delicate details with Laser Cut.

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