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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the information you are looking for, please feel free to drop us an email to In the meantime, below are some of our most frequently asked
questions to help.

   What is the best way to get a quote ?

      As we are online base printing company, basically you can fill in online quote.
      Or you can simply send an email to

   How long will it take to hear from you with a quote ?

      We aim to get back to you within 24 hours. If your enquiry is simple it can be even sooner.

   I don’t have art work to print. Can you organize art work for me ?

     We are happy to offer a FREE DESIGN SERVICE as long as the artwork has a simple type
     setting or graphic placement. If our design team has to create something from scratch, a design
     fee will be occurred.

   What option do you have for payment ?

      We only accept payment through paypal. However don't worry if you are not a Paypal member -
      it's easy. Our account team will send the invoice by email with the relevant link to pay.

   How long will it take to deliver ?

      Your order will take 1-6 working days to make, depending on your requirement and 1-3 days
      to deliver to you, depending on your location. We try to complete and deliver the product as
      soon as possible.

   How much is the delivery fee ?

      Delivery is FREE Wide.

   I am not sure what stock should be used.

      If you have looked through the sticker section on our website and you are not sure which stock
      to choose, please feel free to send us an email with the relevant information. Be sure to include
      the things that are most important to you when you submit the online quote form. Then our sales
     team will recommend the best options for you.

   I have no experience with print orders.

      No Problem. We are here to help you out. Please send us an email and our friendly sales team
      will get back to you.

   I do not know how to set up art work.

      Please look at
      If you still not sure, please send your art work to your account manager or
      We will check out and advise you. If we can fix it up easily, we will do it for you free of charge.

   I want to make very small stickers. Can I make any size ?

      Absolutely - we do custom stickers, so we can make any size and any shape you desire.
      The smallest size we can do is 5x5mm and the biggest is 1250 mm wide, the length is unlimited.

   I received my business cards and It is not what I expected.

      Please contact your account manager within 7 days so we can work towards resolving the

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