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Embossed Stickers

Some are just born with style, a certain je ne sais quois! If we had to pick the supermodel of our sticker
line up then embossed stickers would take home the title. Flawless lines, effortless beauty, a face that's
always camera ready. These stickers have got the X factor! Perfect for weddings, parties, special events,
gift items and promotions and set in glitzy gold, silver or beautiful bronze finishes; embossed stickers are
style personified.


Embossed Stickers

Created by adding the engraved image to one side of the stock, then pushing that image from the
back to make it pop out, embossing delivers a show stopping look.
We have some stunning sample pictures below to inspire you, tell us what you like and we can
make your elegant embossed stickers come to life.

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Keen to make even more of a statement, check out our debossed stickers. Your images, text or logo
are inverted rather than raised, giving you a completely different design aesthetic.

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