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Craft(Vintage) Business Cards

Amidst our technological age, we find ourselves drawn to earthy elements that evoke a reconnection
to mother nature. It's no surprise that DIY, recycling and reusing are buzz words these days and a
vital part of protecting the world in which we live. Perhaps your own business has a similar ethos
and message to spread or maybe you just prefer an organic and homemade feel, either way our craft
and vintage business cards are a wonderful option to consider. They have a warm yet glamorous
appearance and the recycled brown paper is a gorgeous platform for you to paint your business
picture. Their eco friendly values are a very welcome bonus.
Our environment thanks you.

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The natural brown canvas of our craft and vintage business cards look fantastic set against our
dynamic foil's a delicious design dichotomy! Have a look at our sample pictures below
and be inspired.


Extra Craft ( 16pt / 350gsm )

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

     With an old world and charmingly craft
    like feel, our uncoated extra craft eco
    friendly stock is stunning. It's natural and
    mottled finish creates a beautiful organic
    base to build on.


Eco Craft ( 14pt / 300gsm )

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

     Pleasurable to the touch, our extra mash
    350gsm stock has a soft, gentle finish and
    a subtle white semi-sheen making it a very
    popular choice amongst our customers.


Speckle ( 10pt / 250gsm )

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

     Simple yes but certainly not lacking in
    sophistication. With an environmentally
    friendly feel and brown paper as its
    backdrop, our speckle stock looks very
    eco chic. Setting it apart in the style stakes,
    you'll find the black diagonal lines on the
    underside very pleasing to the eye.


Particle ( 10pt / 250gsm )

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

     If you'd like to make a statement then
    our particle stock could be for you. Created
    with natural tones and embellished with
    subtle gold flecks this product is definitely
    a crowd pleaser.

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