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Luxury Business Cards from the Custom Print Masters

A truly outstanding business card can be the only advertisement you need for a brand, be it your employer’s or your own personal brand identity. It makes sense then, that so many companies and executives dedicate time and money to finding the exact right design, the balance of ostentation and presentation which will impress itself most favourably on the memories of business partners and professional contacts.

No matter how clever the design, however, the final product will be limited by the quality of production – unless you have the card produced by the experts at Fast Printing. Our printers work with a huge variety of stock and cutting edge printing and altering techniques, including laser cutting or marking and the Gmund and Soft Cotton card bases. The results speak for themselves; finely finished and incredibly detailed cards, with the capacity to stay sleek and traditional or go all out with cutaway designs and vibrant use of colour. 

An outstanding design and printing service unmatched in the UK

Fast Printing have become the preferred choice of so many businesses thanks to our unbeatable combination of quick turnarounds, high quality, and flexible process. Our designers have worked with countless clients to design truly luxurious business cards, combining aesthetic finesse with the finest materials for yet another impressive printing run. For those who want more control over the final look and feel of their card, this is the print service for you – Fast Printing have spent years creating custom-printed products for companies all over the world, and the processes we have built up over that time allow us to provide a sleek, refined service for our clients.

To discuss the possibilities for your next high-quality business card, contact the Fast Printing UK team by emailing or by using our Online Enquiry form.

Soft Cotton


600gsm(39pt) Soft Cotton


450gsm(26pt) Soft Cotton



350gsm(22pt) Soft Cotton




600gsm(39pt) Gmund White (350gsm available)



600gsm(39pt) Gmund Navy (350gsm available)



600gsm(39pt) Gmund Grey (350gsm available)



600gsm(39pt) Gmund Sky Blue (350gsm available)


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 600gsm Soft Cotton

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

Commonly used for letterpress process, 600gsm Soft Cotton is famous for its smoothly finished uncoated surface, which brings an exquisite quality product.


  600gsm Gmund Navy

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

With its subtleness of the dark navy colour, Gmund Navy envisages beautiful night sky look. Experiencing the stillness of the atmosphere, it is best contrasted with Matt Gold Foil finish.


  600gsm Gmund Grey

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

Like a Soft sandiness of the surface, Gmund Grey expresses extravagance of luxury stocks. It’s heart-warming feature creates matured and antiqueness to produce one’s special product.


 Gmund Sky Blue

250gsm business card 250gsm business card

Lovely sky blue surface invites you to experience eye-refreshing beauty. Gmund Sky Blue features it’s special baby like colour to reminiscence your youth.

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