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PVC Vinyl Stickers

While they may be tough and able to handle water, PVC vinyl stickers much prefer to live inside.
The ink used in their production is NOT weatherproof. Leave them outside for too long and they
won't like it one little bit!


PVC Vinyl Stickers

Considerably thicker than our standard white vinyl sticker, PVC are very hardy and can definitely
handle a bit of wear and tear before they peel off. These guys are stayers. Have a look at our
samples below and make your selection from our impressive pictures, or ask us to customise.

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Common misconception:

Please remember PVC vinyl stickers may be waterproof but they are NOT weatherproof, or UV resistant.
If you want outdoor stickers, your best option is our stock #11. These are called outdoor vinyl, also
known as bumper stickers. Bumper stickers have serious UV protection as well as being waterproof.

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