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I am Sebastien So, founder and director of Fast Printing. The vision for my company has always been to provide a one-of-a-kind specialty printing service, endless creative possibilities and a high-end customer experience.

With a degree in Aerospace Engineering Design and a Masters in Multimedia Design, I saw firsthand how I could craft a state of the art printing company, using my unique eye and skill to set my brand apart .

Founded in 2005, Fast Printing prides itself on innovation and delivering the absolute latest technology this world has to offer. Apart from super-fast, economical yet first class service, my company believes in creativity, attention to detail, style and sophistication.

Fast Printing envelopes Offset (Mass), Digital & Rotary services as well as time honored handcrafted methods. We value the aesthetics and the quality of each customised project. My team is always on hand to offer advice, guidance and an end result like no other company can.

I invite you to experience Fast Printing and we would be thrilled to help you tell your story.

Yours sincerely,
Sebastien So


Located in the heart of creative hub, Fast Printing has been part of Surry Hills creative culture since the foundation. Including our famous mascot Milan, we prioritize our clients and maintain ourselves in a good position for sustainability.


We are proud of ourselves working under a systematic management that emphasises on becoming one team and one body. The company philosophy enhances our team to provide efficient services to all clients.

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