Embossed Business Cards

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Embossed & Debossed Business Cards

Subtle yet heartbreakingly chic, embossed business cards are classic and extinguishing without having to shout about it. ‘Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication’ – as Leonardo da Vinci once said. Embossed business card use a process where the images or texts are pushed from the other side of the business card creating a raised surface on the front. So simple, yet oh so chic!

Fast Fact

Embossing differs from the raised printing process because raised still has a smooth surface on the other side of where it is printed. Due to the nature of the pressing, embossed printing will reveal its impression on the other side of the embossed area

Fast Printing Tip

For something different try Debossed. This is where the images or text are pressed on itself rather than from the back. Debossed is a cheaper alternative to letterpress printing and will give you an engraved like effect that looks really eye catching.




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      Whether you run your own small business and want to give clients something to remember you by, are looking for a more cohesive and professional look for staff, want an updated business card to reflect a new place of business or position, or just need a fresh take on your business cards, choose Fast Printing. With years of experience creating bespoke embossed business cards in Canada, our team can help you get a high-quality business card — printed and delivered to you fast.

      Once you’ve approved your final artwork with your dedicated account manager, our team will let you know when your print run will be finished. After your printing is finalized, delivery to Canadian metro areas will take as little as 1-2 working days or 3-5 working days if you’re located in a regional area.

      Embossing is a time-honoured technique that pushes your design forward from the back of the card to raise lettering or images for a subtle tactile finish. Traditional and sophisticated embossed business cards can be designed to look classic or cutting edge, depending on your preference.

      As well as an embossed finish, Fast Printing also offers a variety of additional finishes that can be combined to create an embossed business card that is truly unique.

      • Spot UV — This popular option creates high-shine sections on a matte paper background for added visual interest on any embossed business card.
      • Raised — Great for use with embossing, raised effects are created by meticulously applying epoxy resin to give embossed areas a more eye-catching effect and the textured impact of embossing.
      • Foil finish — Gilt gold or silver foil gives any embossed business card an added luxurious element that will catch and reflect light.
      • Edge foil or colouring — The perfect way to make your custom embossed business card stand out in a stack or wallet, edge colouring or edge foil on heavier cardstock cards gives a hint of extra vibrancy while still keeping the face of your card clean and simple.
      • Letterpress — Letterpress involves pressing high-quality cotton paper with texture and colour, highlighting any embossed design for added emphasis.
      • Debossing — The opposite effect of embossing, your chosen details are pushed back from the front of the card to create a recessed finish.
      • Laser cutting — Precision cutting allows you to play with negative space and add even more tactile elements to your embossed business card.
      • Laser marking — Similar to laser cutting, laser marking can create indentations and intricate designs on your card.
      • Duplex and Triplex layered card — High-quality cardstocks in different weights are combined to give a layered look that feels weighty and premium in the hand.
      • Custom die-cut shapes — For a unique business, a custom die-cut shape can be produced to reflect your brand, breaking the mould of rectangular business card shapes.

      No matter which finishes you choose, Fast Printing will ensure that you receive the highest quality product possible, allowing your business to make a great first impression.

      Your quoted service price is valid for 30 days for standard embossed business card printing quotes. If you’ve received a quote with a special offer, make sure you don’t miss out on your limited discount offer by ordering within 14 days of receiving this quote.

      We sure do. If you have an idea but aren’t sure how to translate it into a design, or if design files, templates, and formatting aren’t your thing, our dedicated in-house graphic designers can help. Talk to us about engaging a graphic designer from our team, and we’ll set you up with one.

      If you’re still not sure about any step of embossed business card printing, don’t worry. Visit our frequently asked questions for more answers, or get in touch with our friendly customer service team, and we’ll talk you through everything you need to know before getting your business cards embossed.

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