Hologram Stickers

Hologram Stickers

An absolute rainbow of creative options are on offer to you, with our eye catching hologram stickers– their beautiful, bold and electric tones, really set the scene for some show stopping style!

The unique quality of these stickers will truly complement your packaging and products in a very alluring way, which are often used on ID cards, retail goods, for brand authenticity and other important assets.

Fast Fact

Full Background black printing may leave scratches after the printing because the nature of the stock is glossy and sensitive with interaction. We recommend to print via special process if you do not wish to take risk, which you can inquire directly to us to discuss further.

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    Hologram Stickers

    Research shows that consumers perceive a higher value for products with holograms. So whip up a creative color storm with our dynamic stickers and really set your business a step above the rest.




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      Whether you’re part of a large corporate team or running a small business, you know the importance of standing out from the crowd. The most successful companies all have one thing in common – they can distinguish themselves and carve out a unique brand that consumers instantly recognize and trust.

      With custom holographic stickers, you can do just that. Their rainbow bright, iridescent sheen immediately grabs the eye’s attention, catching the light and standing out from competitors. The gleaming surface is a great canvas for designs of all styles, whether you simply want to feature a minimal logo or are trying to create an instantly iconic piece of packaging. With hologram sticker printing, your message will never get lost in a flock of brands that all look the same.

      We sure can. If you’re an artist wanting to print holographic stickers for merchandising, as a branding freebie, or for self-promotion at conferences and expos, we’ve got you covered. Along with our standard oval, circle, square and rectangle shapes in various sizes, we also offer customers die-cut stickers printed as individual pieces and not on a sheet. This allows you to define the shape of the sticker itself, making it a superb option for art stickers.

      Plus, holographic vinyl stickers are waterproof and resistant to sun fading, so they can happily adorn hats, skateboards, laptops, phone cases and more — getting more eyeballs on your art!

      At Fast Printing, we have various stickers to suit your needs, so you’re only ever limited by your imagination.

      For indoor and outdoor use stickers, check out our range of weatherproof options:

      You’ll love our PVC vinyl stickers if you need a hard-wearing indoor sticker that resists water and keeps its vivid colour. Silver and gold vinyl stickers make the perfect packaging for items that tend to expel heat; think microwaves, computer hardware or other machinery. If you need a non-adhesive sticker that can be removed without any sticky residue, try our static cling stickers, which are easily repositioned on various metal, glass and mirrored surfaces.

      From tamper-proof warranty stickers to fully bespoke custom vinyl lettering decal stickers and metal and reflective stickers, you’ll always find the suitable material for the job in our range of adhesives.

      Ordering your custom hologram stickers with us couldn’t be easier:

      1. Simply fill out an online quote form to get the process started.
      2. We’ll be in touch with your free quote, generally within 24 hours.
      3. Once you’ve received it, confirm your quote with our team via email.
      4. Now we’re ready to send your electronic artwork proof and invoice.
      5. Love it? Confirm your final proof, or make small revisions to get it perfect.
      6. Once we receive payment of your invoice, we can begin printing!

      When it comes to custom hologram sticker printing, we pride ourselves on offering competitive rates and the highest quality results. Feel free to get in touch with us and we can discuss your options, or fill out an inquiry form today to receive your free quote.

      We understand that the business world moves fast, and you need to be even quicker. If you have a particularly tight deadline and need custom hologram stickers to get the job done, speak to us about your timeline, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

      We sure do. No matter where you are in the country, our easy online ordering and fast shipping will ensure you receive your beautiful holographic stickers right when you need them.

      Since our inception, Fast Printing has built a reputation for excellent customer service and incredible attention to detail. We know how important getting the small details right is, and we operate on lightning-fast deadlines, so you can always trust your brand is in good hands with us. Still have questions about our custom hologram sticker printing services? Check out our FAQs for more information.

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