Kraft & Vintage

Kraft & Vintage

250gsm, 320gsm, 350gsm, 450gsm
Organic-looking and with a fabulous old -world feel, our uncoated Extra Craft eco friendly stock perfectly captures a craft-like charm. Its slightly mottled colour finish creates a lovely earthy aesthetic.
Milan Cream
330gsm, 530gsm
Gmund No Bleach Brown
120gsm, 300gsm, 600gsm
100% recycled without any bleach process, Gmund No Bleach Brown is natural and organic stock with delicate linear texture. Available up to 600gsm, it is wonderful product for both stationary and packaging options.
Bio Cycle Wheat
320gsm, 600gsm
Earthy natural and beautiful organic based eco friendly stock is very and most popular stock from our craft and vintage range.
160gsm, 320gsm, 360gsm
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