Soft Cotton
39pt (600gsm)
Commonly used for letterpress process, 600gsm Soft Cotton is famous for its smoothly finished uncoated surface, which brings an exquisite quality product.
Soft Cotton
30pt (450gsm)
Available for Letterpress as well as other beautiful finishes like embossed finish, 450gsm Soft cotton will present not a standard but exquisitely finished product.
Soft Cotton
22pt (350gsm)
Roughly textured 350gsm Soft Cotton is perfect solution for artistic yet simplistic finish with its constrained printing option.
Crane Lettra
14pt (300gsm)
Swede like Crane Lettra comes with a beautiful off white color. This cotton like textured stock expresses exquisite quality with letterpress and various foil finishes.
Arsche White
20pt (400gsm)
Arsche white is roughly textured with a cotton like surface. Available in off white finish, this uniquely textured surface bring illusionistic finish when foil stamping is used.
Gmund White
39pt (600gsm), 22pt (350gsm)
Most beautiful and stern nature of Gmund White provides high-class result through both Letterpress and color printing.
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