Textured Premium

Textured Premium

18pt (350gsm)
This premium stock has a lovely smooth texture and a classic matt finish that lends itself to a broad range of aesthetics.
16pt (350gsm)
Featuring a delicate and light semi-sheen finish, this popular stock is dressed in classic white and has an ultra-smooth finish. It feels wonderful to touch.
16pt (350gsm)
Look closely at Extra Linen and you'll find a beautiful and subtle cross-thatched texture that gently captures the look and feel of white linen fabric. It's perfectly complemented by a true matt finish. Super stylish.
16pt (330gsm)
Tinto is beautifully textured with an evenly dispersed grain sweeping across it like a shimmering sea. Run your fingers over the surface to gain a sense of its distinct quality.
Reno (natural white)
17pt (330gsm)
Similar to our extra nube stock, Reno has a warm and inviting feel. Elegant in appearance yet with a lovely uncoated and natural texture, this is a very popular digital stock option for our customers.
Arte (smoke white)
17pt (320gsm)
Smoothly finished uncoated classic stock is a very popular offset stock with an elegant matt surface.
Gentle White
18pt (370gsm)
A mix of textured and smooth quality, Gentle White presents immaculate surface to express visual.
24pt (450gsm)
Sturdy and roughly textured Materica represents classical and impressionistic nature.
Deepmat Cream
22pt (420gsm)
Not too strong cream but tint of ivory expresses tranquillity through the stock Deepmatte Cream. With various range of foil embellishments, it creates an extravagant products which are suitable for engagements or weddings.
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