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Custom Gift Vouchers

Using our exclusive stock ranges and luxurious finishes, Fast Printing can organise gorgeous gift vouchers for your business. Reward your customers in style or use them as an attractive special offer for your clients. Any retail or service oriented business can benefit from gift cards; as a well-known part of the retail landscape, customers expect both to be able to access them and for them to look unique and exciting. The extensive options available through Fast Printing’s custom Gift Voucher sales allow you to choose the stock, color, design and decoration of your voucher, ensuring it is unique, totally on-brand, and feels worthy of gifting to someone you care.

Printing vouchers which feel like a heartfelt gift

Our finishes are fabulous; choose from foil, embossed, raised, round corners and more. Any shape and size is available for your gift vouchers, let your creative imagination run wild. So many different companies have created fantastic and varied gift vouchers through us; we are sure to be able to print a design that shows off the best of your business.




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      • Our team will email you artwork proof in PDF format within 1 working day.
      • Production will be started after supplied proof is confirmed.
      • This order is for standard full colour printing process only.
      • This order is for one design printing only. If you have multiple artworks for printing, please request for a custom quote. Click Here
      • Stickers will be supplied individually ( one sticker on one sheet ). If you need stickers on rolls, please get custom quote. Click Here
      • If we are overwhelmed by high volume of web orders, there will be a delay in production and we will advise you.
      • Stickers will be dispatched through express courier service.

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      115gsm, 135gsm, 160gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm, 350gsm
      This premium stock has a lovely smooth texture and a classic matt finish that lends itself to a broad range of aesthetics.
      115gsm, 135gsm, 250gsm, 350gsm
      Look closely at Extra Linen and you'll find a beautiful and subtle cross-thatched texture that gently captures the look and feel of white linen fabric. It's perfectly complemented by a true matt finish. Super stylish.
      14pt (250gsm), 22pt (350gsm), 26pt (450gsm)
      Organic-looking and with a fabulous old -world feel, our uncoated Extra Craft eco friendly stock perfectly captures a craft-like charm. Its slightly mottled color finish creates a lovely earthy aesthetic.
      20pt (400gsm), 30pt (600gsm), 36pt (800gsm)
      Extra Black is dramatic, bold and sophisticated. It has a solid matt finish and a semi-smooth feel that gives it plenty of character, style and classic grace.
      Environment Concrete
      Environment Concrete
      110gsm, 220gms, 360gsm
      Smooth and spackly textured Concrete stock express vintage like surface. This warm grey finish stock espouses perfectly well with black foil finish to present modernistic vintage product.
      Gmund Cotton White
      Gmund Cotton White
      110gsm, 300gsm, 600gsm, 900gsm
      Most beautiful and stern nature of Gmund White provides high-class result through both Letterpress and colour printing.


      FOIL <span>Shine and bling?</span>
      FOIL Shine and bling?
      It is difficult to neglect the beauty of the foil finishes. Available in vast range of foil colors, it is perfect way to make your brand shine and bling. Read more
      SCODIX <span>Raised or Foiled? No, you would want both! </span>
      SCODIX Raised or Foiled? No, you would want both!
      Not enough with just foil finish? Clear epoxy on the foil finish is the best way to craft both the foil and three dimensional finish for your card. Read more
      DIE CUT <span>Edges are not the end of the world</span>
      DIE CUT Edges are not the end of the world
      Looking for special shaped cards? Nothing is impossible as we can achieve various die cut finishes. Read more
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