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Duo White

Similar to Gloss Artboard, it has  Duo White is sturdy and bright white stock. It is an ideal stock if you are looking for standard business card but with some thickness.

Deepmat Cream

Not too strong cream but tint of ivory expresses tranquillity through the stock Deepmatte Cream. With various range of foil embellishments, it creates an extravagant products which are suitable for engagements or weddings.

Gmund Felt Beige

Crush Almond

Materica Terarosa

Very much like Terracotta finish, Materica Terarosa has both natural and vibrancy in stock itself. It nicely expresses white ink printing as well as foil and blind embossed finishes to make this stock look more special.

Deepmat Burgundy

Gmund Cotton Navy


An uncoated Extra Grey is with a smooth yet a slightly textured surface, which resembles Extra Black and Extra Nube Premium stocks.

Gmund Cotton Grey

Conqueror Laid

Classic Column

Royal Sundance

Gmund Blanc


Van Nube

Nuclear Acid

With its neon pearlized finish, Nuclear Acid stock creates futuristic colours and contemporary atmosphere. It is available both in colour printing and foil finish.

Brown Leather

With the synthetic leather like textured, Brown Leather shows antique and exquisite atmosphere which is it best expressed through foil finish.

Cream Silver

This lovely linear textures with pearly finish brings elegant and luxurious results. Mixture of foil finish will bring the most glittering effect.

Bubbling Black

Starry night like Bubbling Black sticker lets you encounter ecstatic atmosphere whilst its contrasting tranquil nature.


Uncoated and most standard Black Stock offers beautiful contrasts with silk screen print or foil finishes.


100% eco-friendly, Bark Label has subtle and autumn like nature. With the natural earthy texture, the colours will encompass greenery feeling.

White Chevron

One of the most popular pattern, chevron is available in label format. Its unique and elegant pattern expresses high end finishes in any products.

Colorplan Dark Grey

Colorplan Smoke Grey

Colorplan Real Grey

Edge Foiling

Not only the color is possible for the card edgings, edge foil gilding is also available both in Gold and Silver foil finish. This will create classic and exquisite business card you will have never encountered before.

Deepmat Burgundy


Royal Blue

Azure Blue

Racing Green

Mid Green


Materica Moss Green


Bagdad Brown



Bright Red

Citrine Yellow

Vellum White

White Frost

Deepmat Olive


Another version of Triplex, 600gsm Milanso is pre-made sandwich card which you have selection of four different seams with affordable price range.


Artboard + Velvet Lamination

Artboard + Matt Lamination

Velvet Lamination


The most standard artboard expressed with silky matt celloglazed front and back surface.

Soft Cotton

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