Stand Out to Your Customers by Engaging Their Senses


Stand Out to Your Customers by Engaging Their Senses

The right labeling for your product can be the difference between a sale and it being returned to the shelf. Encourage your customers to act first and ask later by attuning your products to their sense of sight and touch. With our Scodix and Raised Stickers, your product will be pushed to the front of the pack with our eye-catching, sale-enticing customisable range. Scodix utilises revolutionary SPOT UV and 3D resin raised finish as an economically-friendly option. Available in clear (used on color-printed areas) and metallic (foil) finishes, Scodix is racing ahead of the game as a provider of luxury packaging at an affordable price.

Customers take things at face value

We all know the saying – don’t judge a book by it’s cover. But we also know that in our fast-paced lives, we rarely have a chance to spare products more than a passing glance. So it’s critical to catch them in that first encounter with a visually enticing label – a pleasing design, complementary colors, and attention-nabbing features. Once your product is in their hands, follow it up with a superior quality sticker that feels great under their fingertips. Of course, the final decider is whether your product is any good – but we’ll leave that part entirely up to you!

But our stickers aren’t just for products – level up your event invitations or special occasion notices with a customised sticker! Sending wedding invitations? Customise a personal logo for your big day – you and your partner’s initials in a gorgeous design that encapsulates your relationship – and use it to seal the invitations, or to decorate the menu! Handing out party favours? Thank all your guests with a sweet message attached to the gift with your names! The options are endless.

Your idea. Your design. Our service

Are you searching for ways to boost your business or special event? Look no further than Fast Printing. Our Scodix and Raised stickers are available in a variety of finishes with most of the popular stocks, including: Gloss or Matt Paper Stickers, White Vinyl Stickers, Premium Paper Stickers, Clear Vinyl Stickers, and Silver Vinyl Stickers. If necessary, gloss Matt Lamination is also available.

Do keep in mind when choosing your design that results with very intricate or fine details can vary, especially with Metallic Scodix Finish.

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