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Clear ( Transparent ) Vinyl Stickers

Waterproof with a semi-gloss finish, clear vinyl stickers are also referred to as transparent stickers.
When these stickers are applied to a surface you can see straight through them. Cool right!

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Clear ( Transparent ) Vinyl Stickerss

We can print these stickers in 1, 2 or in full color. Our customers really like our foil finishes like
gold, silver or even green for a striking contrast. Clear transparent stickers are certainly unique.

Clear Vinyl Stickers

< Fast Fact >

White Ink ( Colour ) Process :

When it comes to this process here's what happens.... If your logo or branding has white within its
design then these spots are simply changed to clear. Having said that, it is possible to achieve white
on a clear surface, we just need to add in an extra process.
If you will be using the stickers on a dark background please remember the colors of the sticker
won't be as easily viewed. For this situation we suggest the white color process is added underneath
the colors. That way you will avoid transparency. Confused? No problem, send us an email and we
can make things crystal clear. Literally.

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Planning to use these stickers outdoors. Choose our stock number 20, as this item is UV resistant.


Outdoor Clear Vinyl Stickers ( Outdoor Vinyl Stickers - UV Resistant & Waterproof )

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