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Warranty Stickers

Popular in the proof of purchase, repairs or faulty goods world, warranty stickers ensure that all your
product rules and regulations stick. Hard to remove, they can supply you with evidence an item has
been worn or can provide protection and guarantee for your customer should they need to return
damaged goods. When it comes to warranty stickers, there are 2 main types to consider - breakaway
stickers and void stickers. Let's learn a little about them below


Breakaway Sticker

These guys certainly know how to stay around - created with a specially made product,
breakaway stickers are extremely difficult to take off without ruining them.
Breakaway stickers are great for protecting valuable items or special documents, as they are a
very tough product to remove.


Void Sticker

Tamper evidence is the key here. Try to remove a void sticker without leaving a mark...its
impossible. This is all the proof you will need to show that a product has been violated.
High quality and super tough, void stickers are a great way to keep an eye on things; giving you
peace of mind and of course product control. Have a look at our offerings below and see what
works best for your business.

< Fast Printing Tip >

Add even more weight to your product by the inclusion of our hologram range. This will deliver a key
message of authenticity and customer guarantee.

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