The Myth; The Legend; The Sticky Note


The Myth; The Legend; The Sticky Note

In 1974, a man named Arthur Fry needed a way to bookmark songs in his hymnal – and thus, the sticky note was born.

Nowadays, it’s impossible to think of a business that doesn’t rely on those surface-grabbing slips of paper to remind people of errands to run, messages to return, and the login password they swear they’ll remember next time.

But the humble sticky note has grown with the times, and it’s no longer just something scattered around offices and tacked to computer screens. You can now make sticky notes work for you on a much more lucrative level. That’s where Fast Printing can help.

No better way to make your message stick

Do you want to raise your brand awareness? People spend thousands of dollars a year on comprehensive marketing and advertising campaigns, when they could start with something much smaller – literally. Branded sticky notes are a unique and fun way for customers to engage with your business, and to get your logo out into the world, and into people’s heads. With Fast Printing’s wide range of designs and styles, you can be certain that you’ll be promoting your business authentically. Sticky note pads are a perfect gift to hand out at tradeshows as promotional giveaways, a practical gesture of goodwill that your customer will actually use. This would also be a great way for charities to increase their visibility by including personalised sticky note pads in show bags at events.

This ensures that they will continue to think about your company or charity each time they write on the pad, potentially leading to more business further down the track.

How can our sticky notes represent your business?

You need only look at our sticky note gallery to see that we can pretty much do anything – from standard square pads, to stars and hearts, to cupcake- and owl-shaped pads! Additionally, with nine colors to choose from we’re sure you’ll be able to find your perfect match. Whatever your business, Fast Printing will be able to help you find the sticky note that best represents you and your business or charity.

Get a quote online, or contact us to get stuck into finding your perfect sticky note.

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