Artwork Specifications


File Format

+ ai, eps or pdf are the preferred file format. These are created in illustrator. 
+ psd, jpg or tiff ( 300 dpi ) 


Art Work Set Up

Glossy Paper Matt Paper Stickers



+ All color mode must be converted to CMYK
+ We will not take any responsibility for print results like discoloration or unexpected 
+ +outcome when you supplied file as RGB or PANTON.

Glossy Paper Matt Paper Stickers



+ All fonts must be outlined or embedded
+ Fonts must be no less than 6pt 

       Since there are literally thousands of fonts available on both Mac's and PC's, it can be
       tricky to ensure sure that everyone has access to the same fonts and are able to see your
       images properly (illustrator and photoshop documents)
       When a design file is supplied with missing fonts, a printer cannot proceed your file for
       To solve this issue, please convert texts to outlines or send actual font files.
       Simply select “Create Outlines” on your computer to do this.

Glossy Paper Matt Paper Stickers


Image resolution

Images created in photoshop requires minimum 300 dpi resolution.

Glossy Paper Matt Paper Stickers



Weight has to be a minimum of 0.25pt

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