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Cotton Business Cards

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Rough yet, fabric like textured Luxe stocks are one of the best quality hard-edge stocks. With its extreme thicknesses, Luxe can bring a strong contrast between its surface and finishes. From beautifully crafted white Soft Cotton to the famous Gmund stock, there’s much more way to express the product in luxurious way. With the outstanding quality of Gmund, it is also available in elegant and refreshing other colours.

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Letterpress and foil finish is one of the popular options on the cotton stocks to create beautiful products as well as Raised Finish and Embossed finish on thinner cotton stocks.

Various colours like Navy, Grey, Sky Blue and Snow white colours are available for you to choose from.

600gsm Milanso is available for full colour printing on thicker stock options.


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    Cotton Business Cards


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        • This order is for one design printing only. If you have multiple artworks for printing, please request for a custom quote. Click Here
        • This order is for standard full colour printing process only.
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      Soft Cotton
      Soft Cotton
      350gsm, 450gsm, 600gsm
      Roughly textured 350gsm Soft Cotton is perfect solution for artistic yet simplistic finish with its constrained printing option.
      Crane Lettra
      Crane Lettra
      Swede like Crane Lettra comes with a beautiful off white colour. This cotton like textured stock expresses exquisite quality with letterpress and various foil finishes.
      Arsche White
      Arsche White
      Arsche white is roughly textured with a cotton like surface. Available in off white finish, this uniquely textured surface bring illusionistic finish when foil stamping is used.
      Gmund White
      Gmund White
      600gsm (350gsm available)
      Most beautiful and stern nature of Gmund White provides high-class result through both Letterpress and colour printing.
      Gmund Grey
      Gmund Grey
      Like a Soft sandiness of the surface, Gmund Grey expresses extravagance of luxury stocks. It’s heart-warming feature creates matured and antiqueness to produce one’s special product.
      Gmund Navy
      Gmund Navy
      350gsm, 600gsm
      With its subtleness of the dark navy colour, Gmund Navy envisages beautiful night sky look. Experiencing the stillness of the atmosphere, it is best contrasted with Matt Gold Foil finish.


      FOIL <span>Shine and bling?</span>
      FOIL Shine and bling?
      It is difficult to neglect the beauty of the foil finishes. Available in vast range of foil colours, it is perfect way to make your brand shine and bling. Read more
      LETERPRESS <span>Looking for trendy yet classic look?</span>
      LETERPRESS Looking for trendy yet classic look?
      With its beautifully colour pressed finish onto extravagant cotton paper, Letterpress finish will express highest quality product you have ever seen. Read more
      EDGE COLOUR <span>Need something exceptionally outstanding?</span>
      EDGE COLOUR Need something exceptionally outstanding?
      Adding edge colouring onto your cards expresses the most eye catching finishes. With your own selection of colours for the edge colouring, you will encounter exceptional looking product. Read more
      COLOUR PAPER <span>White canvas is not the only one</span>
      COLOUR PAPER White canvas is not the only one
      Various coloured stocks are available with us. Solely by itself, or with a combination of other papers, the colour paper will create something very trendy. Read more
      RAISED <span>Not just the touch but the looks as well?</span>
      RAISED Not just the touch but the looks as well?
      With the clear epoxy carefully placed on the card, raised finish give you both the touch of the finish and glossy appealing look. Read more
      LASER CUTTING & MARKING <span>Need special and Special!</span>
      LASER CUTTING & MARKING Need special and Special!
      Looking for challenges? Laser cutting and Laser Marking will bring one of the most unique product for you. Read more
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