Spot UV Business Cards

Style is our message to the world without words. You want people to get an instant positive feel for
your product the minute they see and touch your business card. May we introduce our Spot UV
business cards - these guys are certainly high up in the style stakes. World class printing quality and
a step up from the gloss laminated printing process. Normally where the whole card would be covered,
just the texts or images are gloss coated. This dichotomy of texture really makes the spot UV process
pop. Possessing an almost shadow like aesthetic - the spot UV dances with the eye to create a great
style song. This contrast delivers a delicious variant for the viewer.
Choose spot UV if you really want to be seen

< Fast Printing Tip >

Don't confuse Spot UV with raised printing. Spot UV is a lot smoother and flatter in its appearance,
whereas raised is definitely more prominent and obvious.

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