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Craft (Kraft)Paper Stickers

Get with the eco friendly program and choose a product that protects our beloved mother nature.
Made from recycled paper, craft paper stickers are seriously thoughtful. A lot of us are into reusing,
up-cycling and DIY and so we should be, not only does our planet need it but it's the perfect way to
deliver a message with heart.
Natural, earthy, thought-provoking - are these words that appeal to you and your business? Then
you'll love our craft paper stock. Your customers will connect to your authenticity and definitely
appreciate your environmentally friendly mindset.
Resembling the aesthetic of brown paper packaging, craft paper stickers have a truly home made feel
that is just delightful. With technology buzzing all around us, its so nice to return to a little bit of a
'Make do and mend' sensibility wouldn't you say?


Craft Paper Sticker

In the same family as our premium paper stock, craft paper has a similar rustic and raw aesthetic.
With such an earthy base it's a beautiful canvas for bold colors like gold and black or to drive
the eco message even further home, why not try green. Craft paper stickers are matt so you can
add messages or information whenever you like.

Talk to us about custom craft paper stickers - we can create all kinds of cool stuff for you and in this
case with an eco friendly twist too!
Kraft Paper Stickers

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For a great contrast try bold colors against this natural brown stock - your branding will shine like a

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