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Custom Premium Paper Stickers UK

Premium paper stickers are a stylish and sophisticated option if you would like an uncoated and natural textured looking stock. As their name suggests premium paper stickers have an elegant appearance, which is really suited for luxury or high end product labels. Adding a gold or silver foil feature can amp up the glamour even more.

A firm favourite in the food and beauty industry, premium paper stickers look wonderful in bulk stacked on shelves or benches. Because of their matt texture they don’t reflect light, allowing your branding to be viewed consistently without any distraction to the eye.

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    Premium Paper Stickers

    Premium Paper Stickers are subtle yet extremely inviting, these stickers convey a message of quality to your clients and all kinds of slick creative options are at your fingertips.

Fast Printing Tip

Premium Paper stocks are good solution for stickers for writing purposes or overprinting in-house options.

Other Premium Textured Paper stickers are available with Printing or Foil Finish such as White Ever, White Wood, White Leather, Kashmir and Straw which are selections from Gmund Papers.




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      Premium Paper
      Premium Paper
      Eco-friendly, but brown is not your type 100% recycled and eco-friendly Premium paper stock is wonderful way to express colourful vintage atmosphere.
      White Wood
      White Wood
      Going back to forest and greens this time? Bark textured Gmund White Wood stock represents the identical features of the trees and brings back the reminiscence of the greens right under your nose.
      White Ever
      White Ever
      Wonderful way to express artistic finish Looking for something similar to watercolour paper texture? Gmund White Ever features its wonderful rough textures for you to experience crafty and vintage product.
      Rougher the better Looking for something nice to present the colourful palette but want to be greedy on rough texture? Gmund Kaschmir feature both the hardy textured surface yet, great white canvas to envisage the multi-colour spectrum.
      White Leather
      White Leather
      Are you a lover of leather? The strong leather finish on White Leather stock takes you to experience most exquisite finish of luxury expressions.
      Not just the recycled, but you want stronger raw feature? With its uniquely presented recycled finish and uneven leafy flakes, straw express itself like an old love letter paper.


      BLACK PAPER STICKER <span>Is black your favourite? </span>
      BLACK PAPER STICKER Is black your favourite?
      Linen like fabricated Black paper creates strong contrast with colour and various foils to extend its classic masculine beauty. Read more
      KRAFT PAPER STICKER <span>Environmental and eco-friendly </span>
      KRAFT PAPER STICKER Environmental and eco-friendly
      100% recycled and eco-friendly vintage Kraft stock is perfect for natural raw looking brands and products. Read more
      FOIL <span>Why Not Adding Foil?</span>
      FOIL Why Not Adding Foil?
      Looking for affordable special finishes? Foil finish is one of the most popular finish. With our huge range of foil types, nothing is impossible for us to create the one and only label for you. Read more
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