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Silver Vinyl & Gold Vinyl Stickers

Luxury look with a seriously low price tag...gotta love that. Silver vinyl stickers and gold vinyl stickers
definitely look the part, set in sparkling tones they certainly convey class.
If you want to be ahead of the game then these are the stickers for you. Professional, slick and
prestigious. Wafer thin and high on shine, these stickers are well versed in the packaging, labelling and
gift wrapping world. They know how to cause a stir and can do so in any shape or size your heart desires. Plus we love to customising so why not set us the creative challenge.


Silver Vinyl Stickers ( high gloss stock available )

Very popular on items like microwaves, machines and computers, silver vinyl stickers can take
the heat - literally, as they've been specially designed to deal with high temperatures.
Slimline and super shiny, silver vinyl stickers stop traffic.

Silver Vinyl Stickers


Gold Vinyl Stickers

Just like our silver, gold vinyl stickers catch the eye with their brilliant hue. With a decadent and
distinctive personality they work brilliantly for health and beauty products. Gold really says

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Want to give your stickers the best lease on life, they why not protect them. Selecting matt or gloss
lamination will prolong their existence and prevent nasty marks and scratches.

Silver Vinyl Stickers Printing Gold Vinyl Stickers Gold Vinyl Stickers Printing Gloss Silver Vinyl Stickers

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